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Talent Center
Talent Center
Update date : 2017-12-19 Deadline : 2017-12-19
  • Education : no
  • Working place : Guangzhou
  • Number : 1
  • Recruitment type : Internet recruitment
Job description:

1, with more than 3 years of commercial real estate management or customer service management experience in the same position;
2, with good coordination, coordination and strain capacity;
3, a strong sense of responsibility, good service consciousness and team spirit;
4, good image, good temperament, articulate;
5, height: female 162cm above, male more than 172cm.

Tenure requirements:

1, college degree or above, advertising, marketing, economic management and other related professional, 2 years experience in the same position;
2, follow up all kinds of advertising planning, design, publishing, suspension, posting, replacement, recovery and standardized management;
3, responsible for all kinds of activities, collection and classification of pictures, image data, file management;
4, the company responsible for the brand characteristics of activities of the planning, organization and execution;
5, participating merchants visual decoration effect assessment, and regulation of unapproved or non standardized decoration coordination and stop;
6, good written expression ability, can independently plan and plan;
7 skilled use of Photoshop, Coreldraw and other image design and application software.

Skill requirements:More than four English
Recruitment mailbox:hr@shengdy.com
Record number: 12046156 -2, Guangdong ICP Copyright2017 Holy Land Construction Group Co.,Ltd. Powered by vancheer
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